Playful kids and pets: they enrich our lives and are so much fun.

Of course, they also tend to "leave a legacy" around the house in the way of stains, cracked vases, and tons o' fur, leading to major frustration for parents and pet-owners alike.

Enter DCS Cleaning Service, your band of friendly "frustration fighters!" We make it our highest priority to protect your upholstery so you and your family can enjoy it for many years. DCS Cleaning Service uses state-of-the art cleaning equipment and provides upholstery/leather cleaning with that added extra sparkle whether cleaned on-site in your home or off-site at our professional plant. We use non-toxic, industrial-strength products to clean, wax and polish your hard surface floors.

DCS Cleaning has over 25 years of professional experience and delivers quality service to our clients. Why should you choose DCS Cleaning Service? We provide our clients with:
• Emergency contact and services available around the clock
• Experienced, trained, insured and bonded technicians
• All Services are 100% Guaranteed
• Our Services are Green-Friendly and Pet-Friendly recommended by most veterinarians
• Member, Highland Park and Northbrook Chambers of Commerce and Angie's List
• Free estimates, by appointment and on time
• Our services are safe for people with allergies
• Over 20 years of cleaning and restoration experience
• Insurance Company Agent and Adjuster recommended
• Our services are Green-Friendly and Pet-Friendly recommended by most veterinarians

Our upholstery cleaning services include:
• Dry Cleaning
• Wet Cleaning
• We Specialize in Leather Cleaning
• Dust Mite Protecting and Sealing
• Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
• Protecting and Sealing of All Fine Fabrics

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